At YOUGROP CO LTD, we have developed products which thoroughly reduce “impossibilities” “irregularities”and “waste”. As specialists in every one of our product types, we offer pulverizing devices to address the needs and issues of various entities which handle chemical, food product, and medical “powders”.
We hope to contribute to the operational effectiveness of your company through the offerings of our company, which has thorough knowledge of the complete process up until production, including grasping material properties, drying, pulverizing, classifying,mixing, and granulation. If you are considering the purchase of a pulverizing device, or are not satisfied with your current equipment, we ask that you please inquire with our company.

Classifying system
Classifying system
Pulverizing system
Pulverizing system
Powder handring system
Powder handring system
Established September, 1st, 1991
Company name Yougrop Co, LTD
Capital JPY 35,000,000
Business Designing, producing, and selling powder system.
Plant engineering, and selling machinery system of chemical,food,and pharmacy. Processing stainless steel, machine, and parts.
Main Bank The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd
Head Office ShinosakaMeiseiBuilding7F,4-11-4 Higashimikuni
Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 532-0002, Japan
TEL +81-6-6391-6999
FAX +81-6-6391-0431
Detached Office 2-4-25 Zyuuhachizyou Yodogawa-ku ,
Osaka 532-0001, Japan
Tokyo Akihabara CrossSide7F, 2-1-8 Higashikanda, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 101-0031, Japan TEL +81-3-5829-8993
FAX +81-3-5829-8994
Test center 313-4 Kakehashi Yamazaki-chou, Shisou-shi,
Hyogo pre 671-2513, Japan
Fiscal Year End March
CEO Takeshi Uno
Number of Employee 20

History of Yougrop

September,1991  Established the company under the name Yougrop.
September,2001 Business tie-up with American company name is Spiroflow.
October , 2003 Business tie up with Chinese company name is Jyukeichem.
November ,2004 Established test center in Ikeda city Osaka.
December ,2011 Transferred Head Office to present address.
April ,2012 Transferred test center to present address.

Main Delivery Industry

CChemical/Food/Pharma/Cosmetics/Oil and fats/Adhesive/Paint/Battery Glass/Fiber/Building Material/Resin/Plastic/Metal/Semiconductor Mineral/Electron Parts/Recycling/Biomass

Example of sales

Fine Chemical Reaction, Crystallization, Filtration, Freeze-drying, Feeder Mill, Pulverizer, Sieve ,Mixing , Powder-handring
Resin Powder Mill, Mixing, Feeder, Drier, Sieve, Storage tank, Metrology
Powder Coating Mill, Pulverizer, Classification, Metrology, Powder-handring
Bath salts Filler, Conveyor
Spice Dryier, Mixing, Conveyor, Mill, Sieve
Fine food Conveyor, Mill, Sieve,Feeder
Paint Mill, Sieve, Feeder
Toner Feeder, Sieve, Pulverizer, Conveyor
Carbon Conveyor, Mill, Classification, Sieve, Mixing, Storage tank
Battery material Dryier, Mill, Conveyor, Contamination Removal
Ceramic Conveyor, Feeder, Stirrer
Pharmacy Conveyor, Mill, Sieve, Mixing, Filler
Soap Conveyor, Storage tank, Feeder, Fabrication, Mixing
Powder Detergent Conveyor, Metrology, Feeder, Stirrer

Yougrop product

Mill, Pulverizer Line Impact
Conveyor Flexible Screw Conveyors
Aero Mechanical Conveyor
Vacuum Conveyor
Classification Blower Shifter
Discharger Bulk Bag Discharger
Feeder Youfeeder
Particlesize Counter Yousieve
Investment System Youblast
Filler Bulk Bag Filler
Others Mixer , Drier , Granulator , Divider , etc

Test Center

Line up
Mill, Pulverizer Finepul; Purpose for fine grinding.
Line Impact; Purpose for general grinding.
Line Impact Pharma; Purpose for making pharmacy.
Conveyor Flexible Screw Conveyor; Spiral type.
Aero Mechanical Conveyor; Disk type.
Vacuum Conveyor
Classification Blower Shifter ; High quality powder shifter system.
Others Bulk Bag Discharger;Big Bag Dischager
Youfeeder, Yousieve, Youblast , Powput
Mixer , Drier , Granulator ,etc